Our owner and founder, Kristen Ramer, followed her dream of moving to Latin America in January, 2014. After finding the perfect opportunity to travel with a purpose, she moved her life to Quito, Ecuador to work with an international non-profit organization. Within a couple of months, she found herself walking the streets of Quito's night-life district with the purpose of reaching out to victims of sex-trafficking and prostitution to share a message of hope and redemption with them. She quickly learned that the women and girls were longing to hear the message of love that the Creator has for them. 

During the same time, Kristen was exploring Ecuador’s outdoor markets and came across this beautifully unique, handmade tagua jewelry. After sharing more of the stories and experiences of the women with her brother Jonathan, the two of them began to dream about the ways in which tagua jewelry could support the dreams and visions that these women have for their lives. They decided to create Tagua Dreams as a social enterprise with a mission to provide economic opportunity for these women and girls.

Tagua Dreams accomplishes this through a blended purchasing model where we buy jewelry made by girls who have been rescued from sex-trafficking as well as independent artisans. We partner with Dunamis Foundation, an Ecuadorian non-profit organization that provides training to the girls on a variety of life skills in addition to the art of jewelry making. 100% of the Dunamis sales profit goes directly to the girls. In addition to this, Tagua Dreams donates a portion of our profit to Dunamis so that every purchase you make is directly benefiting the women and girls. Our goal is that our business model will help the artisans and rescued women be able to chase after the dreams they have in their hearts.

Check out the beautiful collection of jewelry here.